WORKS 2011 Agenda (14th November, 2011, 9-5:30 in the Sheraton Ravenna)

Slides are available for download at

At the end of each session, all presenters in that session will be invited to answer questions and participate to a short discussion on the session topic.

9:00-10:10, session 1 "Scalability and fault tolerance" (Session Chair - Dan Katz)

10:10-10:30, coffee break

10:30-11:30, session 2 "Performance and optimization" (Session Chair - Maciej Malawski)

11:30-12:10, plenary talk - "Scientific Workflows: Past and Current Issues" Ewa Deelman, USC Information Sciences Institute

12:10-13:30, lunch break

13:30-15:00, session 3 "Workflows reuse" (Session Chair - Radu Prodan)

15:05-15:30, coffee break

15:30-16:20, session 4 "Portability, workflow systems interoperability" (Session Chair - Yolanda Gil)

16:20-17:30, session 5 "Provenance information" (Session Chair - Ewa Deelman)