WORKS 2012 Agenda (12th November, 2012, 9-5:30)

The Seventh Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science - WORKS12 Johan Montagnat, Ian Taylor In Room: 155-A in the Salt Palace Convention Center

Each paper is 20 mins presentation + 5 minutes questions
  1. 9:00-9:05

    Introductory Comments, Ian Taylor

  2. Session 1

    Chair: Daniel Gunter

  3. 9:05-9:30

    Muhammad Amer and Robert Lucas. Evaluating Workflow Tools with SDAG View Presentation

  4. 9:30-9:55

    Tudor Miu and Paolo Missier. Predicting the Execution Time of Workflow Activities Based on Their Input Features View Presentation

  5. 9.55-10.25

    Coffee Break

  6. Session 2

    Chair: Jarek Nabrzyski

  7. 10:25-10:50

    Qishi Wu. A Workflow-based Network Advisor for Data Movement with End-to-end Performance Optimization View Presentation

  8. 10:50-11:15

    Rohit Agarwal, Gideon Juve and Ewa Deelman. Peer-to-Peer Data Sharing for Scientific Workflows on Amazon EC2 View Presentation

  9. 11:15-11:40

    Ricky Sethi, Hyunjoon Jo and Yolanda Gil. Re-Using Workflow Fragments Across Multiple Data Domains View Presentation

  10. 11:40-12:05

    Bartosz Balis. Hypermedia workflow: a new approach to data-driven scientific workflows View Presentation

  11. 12:05-1:30

    Lunch Break

  12. Session 3

    Chair: Ann Chervenak

  13. 1:30-2:15

    Invited Talk: Energy-efficient execution of workflows in the Cloud. Carlo Mastroianni. ICAR-CNR, Institute for High Performance Computing and Networks, Italy and eco4cloud View Presentation

  14. 2:15-2:40

    Karan Vahi, Ian Harvey, Taghrid Samak, Dan Gunter, Kieran Evans, David Rogers, Ian Taylor, Monte Goode, Fabio Silva, Eddie Al-Shakarchi, Gaurang Mehta, Andrew Jones and Ewa Deelman. A General Approach to Real-time Workflow Monitoring View Presentation

  15. 2:40: 3:05

    Victor Cuevas-Vicenttin, Saumen Dey and Bertram Ludaescher. Modeling and Querying Scientific Workflow Provenance in the D-OPM View Presentation

  16. 3.00-3.30

    Coffee Break

  17. Session 4

    Chair: Gideon Juve

  18. 3:30-3:55

    Flavio Costa, Daniel Oliveira, Kary Ocana, Eduardo Ogasawara, Jonas Dias and Marta Mattoso. Handling Failures in Parallel Scientific Workflows Using Clouds View Presentation

  19. 3:55-4:20

    Ann L. Chervenak, David E. Smith, Weiwei Chen and Ewa Deelman. Integrating Policy with Scientific Workflow Management for Data-Intensive Applications View Presentation

  20. 4:20-4:45

    Zhiming Zhao, Jeroen van der Ham, Arie Taal, Ralph Koning, Paola Grosso and Cees de Laat. Planning data intensive workflows on inter-domain resources using the Network Service Interface (NSI) View Presentation

  21. 4:45-5:10

    Miki Horiuchi and Kenjiro Taura. Acceleration of Data-Intensive Workflow Applications by Using File Access History View Presentation

  22. 5:10-5:15

    Closing Comments, Ian Taylor

  23. 5:15

    Workshop Closes