2:00-2:05 Welcome
Session A "Workflows and Optimization"
2:05-2:35 David Abramson. Using Scientific Workflows for Science and Engineering Optimisation (invited keynote talk)

In this talk I will discuss how Scientific Workflows can be used to model a wide range of science and engineering problems, and how these are often phrased as optimisation problems. I will show that workflow engines provide an attractive programming environment for both specifying and executing the problems, and that it is relatively natural to introduce optimisation into these. This allows a user to not only model complex systems, but also ask what parameter values optimise the system using automatic search algorithms. For example, an engineer may augment a workflow that models an aircraft engine with features that allows them to determine which fan blade shapes parameters are optimal. I will also discuss how a user can be involved in the optimisation process through modern science gateways.

2:35-3:00 Bruno Silva, Marco Netto and Renato Cunha. SLA-aware Interactive Workflow Assistant for HPC Parameter Sweeping Experiments.
3:00-3:30 Coffee Break
Session B.1 "Automation of Workflows"
3:30-3:55 Rafael Ferreira Da Silva, Rosa Filgueira, Ewa Deelman, Erola Pairo-Castineira, Ian Michael Overton and Malcolm Atkinson. Using Simple PID Controllers to Prevent and Mitigate Faults in Scientific Workflows.
3:55-4:20 Maciej Malawski. Towards Serverless Execution of Scientific Workflows - HyperFlow Case Study.
Session B.2 "Advancing data-intensive workflows"
4:20-4:45 Tong Shu and Chase Wu. Energy-efficient Mapping of Big Data Workflows under Deadline Constraints.
4:45-5:10 Renan Souza, Vitor Silva, Alvaro L G A Coutinho, Patrick Valduriez and Marta Mattoso. Online Input Data Reduction in Scientific Workflows.
5:10-5:15 Silvina Caino-Lores, Andrei Lapin, Peter Kropf and Jesus Carretero. Lessons Learned from Applying Big Data Paradigms to Large Scale Scientific Workflows. (lightning talk)
5:15-5:20pm Vitor Silva, Leonardo Neves, Renan Souza, Alvaro Coutinho, Daniel de Oliveira and Marta Mattoso. Integrating domain-data steering with code-profiling tools to debug data-intensive workflows. (lightning talk)
5:20-5:25 Raffaele Montella, Alison Brizius, Diana Di Luccio, Cheryl Porter, Joshua Elliot, Ravi Madduri, David Kelly, Angelo Riccio and Ian Foster. Applications of the FACE-IT data science portal and workflow engine for operational food quality prediction and assessment: mussel farm monitoring in the Bay of Napoli (Italy). (lightning talk)
5:25-5:30 Christopher Daley, Devarshi Ghoshal, Glenn Lockwood, Sudip Dosanjh, Lavanya Ramakrishnan and Nicholas Wright. Performance Characterization of Scientific Workflows for the Optimal Use of Burst Buffers. (lightning talk)
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